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Actionchat adult

A magnolia plays it's note early on, blending beautifully with the soapy white floral arrangement.

This is a very lady-like scent with flowery tone and body, based on and or built around the root of iris which is a note that Ann Gottlieb does very well with as a nose.

2nd review, I have been wearing this a few days and the notes I pick up the strongest is Lily and Lilly of the valley. Lily and lilac notes stand out very much in this scent which is very nice and sweet.

Even though, soon after the initial spritz lily-of-the-valley is quickly subdued by a multitude of other floral notes. The base is nice and grounded, and makes up for all the florist shop loudness, otherwise. This is one of those fragrances that I desperately want to love but cannot even like and I can't figure out why that is. A couple of sprays and WOW what a difference the heat makes! But to me a real magnolia has more of a lemony edge (Magnolia Grandiflora hits this note right on the bullseye).

There's mandarin orange and bergamot and the citruses don't last too long but just enough to give it a very sweet fruity opening.

A dash of peach fuzz is thrown into the opening as well.

This is a mature fragrance so right off the bottle one smells the same kind of perfumy air of such fragrances as Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds, Oscar de la Renta or Gloria Vanderbilt.

I think this is like a sleepier version of Vanderbilt which I also really love.

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This is a soft citrus, though, very much like a yellow or gold halo evocative of blonde hair.