A general network error occurred validating the name speed dating event indianapolis

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A general network error occurred validating the name

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chr(10); 5 g_mail_conn utl_smtp.connection; 6 g_mailhost varchar2(255) := 'oracle.com'; 7 Next we have an internal (unpublished) function to send an email to many recipients ? This part is not very different from the very simple routine we started with. by connecting to the SMTP server and starting a session: 49 begin 50 g_mail_conn := utl_smtp.open_connection(g_mailhost, 25); 51 52 utl_smtp.helo(g_mail_conn, g_mailhost); 53 utl_smtp.mail(g_mail_conn, p_sender_email); 54 Here is where it differs, instead of calling UTL_SMTP. it uses are address_email function to call it potentially many times, building the ? We would have to: o Learn how to format a multi-part mime encoded document, no small feat o Base-64 encode binary data (or use some equivalent encoding technique such as uuencoding, binhex, and so on) That would be (conservatively) a couple of hundred, if not thousands of lines of PL/SQL code.

[email protected] begin 2 send_mail( '[email protected]', 3 '[email protected]', 4 'Hello Tom' ); 5 end; 6 / PL/SQL procedure successfully completed. It sends email to exactly one recipient, you cannot CC or BCC anyone, you cannot setup a subject -- the email always arrives with a ? A full discussion of all of the possibilities with UTL_SMTP would require in depth knowledge of the SMTP protocol itself ? Readers interested in all of the opportunities available with SMTP should review RFC812 ? This is available online at Below, I will simply present how to send an email using UTL_SMTP that supports: o Multiple ? separated from the text of the email by a blank line. sending an email with all of the options we need is pretty easy. Rather then do that, I will suggest that you use the already written and very robust Java Mail API as described below.

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The only thing we need to understand beyond that is that in order to send the email to more then one recipient, we simply call UTL_SMTP. Loading and using the Java Mail API In order to use the UTL_SMTP package, you must already have a Java enabled database in Oracle8i.

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