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The sadder part of my dropping out is that I can no longer afford an education anyway.

Right now I am working eight hours a week at the library, and although it isn’t a difficult job, I don’t enjoy it.

If you let yourself get pissed off at that, you’re generating a bunch of negative energy that isn’t all that warranted and will make all this more frustrating than it has to be.

Besides, I’ve never been good at it, and university has gotten me depressed, which is why I dropped out.So why not decide that that’s okay and that, for now at least, work is going to be what you do to bring in income and truly not see it as something that’s supposed to be more than that?That might short-circuit the cycle that it sounds like you’re currently in, where you get excited about a job, then bored and frustrated pretty quickly after you start it, and then start looking the next thing while quietly panicking about what it means for The Rest Of Your Life.Decide that your goal right now is steady income and work you can do competently, and maybe some time to write too. Funding your ability to live your life is the core of success. As a total side note, and thus something I am putting down here in tiny print: It’s not that common for employers to post jobs they’ve already filled. And sometimes they post a job in good faith and then end up not needing to fill it after all.Let that be enough for now, and see how things unfold from there — but measure that unfolding time in years, not months. That’s nothing personal, and there are far more jobs that will actually be filled through a regular hiring process.

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I applied because I thought that maybe since I liked the library, working there (and eventually working my way up) would be what I could do for the rest of my life.

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