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14 c dating fiasco shroud turin

In which case the laboratories may have assumed that the Shroud was medieval after all and Linick's hacking of Arizona's dating made no difference to the final result. offline," which are clearly irrelevant to my hacker claim, and going on at length about "the Internet" about which I said nothing? Ramsey's surprising, misleading and false response to my hacking proposal. Jull had responded to an anonymous (to him) comment of mine on Dan Porter's blog turned to amazement when my further reading of those comments revealed that the Director of the Oxford radiocarbon dating [Right: Prof. Christopher Ramsey, had also responded to my comment sent to him by Farey, as follows:"Yes – I agree with all that Tim [Jull] says.

This would seem to be a suggestion from someone who does not know what computers were like in the 1980s.

If so, they would presumably not have been able to explain how Linick could have also hacked Zurich's and Oxford's datings.

Which would in turn explain why Jull (and Ramsey-see next) emphasised that none of the three laboratories' AMS computers were online via "the Internet," which I hadn't mentioned. Ramsey's - see next) strange defensiveness, replying (and promptly at that) to an anonymous blogger's comments, misleadingly referring to "calculations ... Bronk" (for his original name Christopher Ramsey Bronk[22]) was also one of the signatories to the 1989 Nature paper[23].]laboratory, Prof.

Jull's "the software for the calculations is offline ... As we saw above, in a 1986 Radiocarbon journal paper, the first author of which was "T. All this was under computer control and the calculations produced by the computer were displayed on a cathode ray screen"[17]."The calculations were produced on the computer, and displayed on the screen.

AD 1260-1390"[19] appeared, Arizona laboratory leaders (of which Prof.

Jull was not then one) may have discovered evidence that Linick had hacked Arizona's dating.

It is my emphasis below unless otherwise indicated. E., 2014, "Were the radiocarbon dating laboratories duped by a computer hacker?

The next post in this series is part #8.[Above: Arizona radiocarbon dating laboratory's AMS (Accelerator Mass Spectrometry) control console computer terminal[5] just before, or just after, it had on displayed the alleged hacker's bogus radiocarbon age of the Shroud, "640 years"[6], which was then calibrated to "1350 AD"[7]. (now Prof.) Timothy Jull is in the green jumper, and the alleged hacker, Timothy W. "Comment Promoted: On the Hacking Hypothesis," Shroud of Turin Blog, March 9, 2014.

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