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08 eavesdrop sex chat numbers

Whenever I asked what they found to talk about; the answer always was "bragging about our husbands." One night, however, I heard Dianne pleading, "Please, don't make me do that again." That got my attention and I moved closer to see what else I could glean. Just before her friend showed up she would call her husband and ask if she could bring him home something.

"I told you last time, I won't lie for you again." I made my presence known, "Lie for who again? "I'll call you back." She looked guilty as she ended the call. Willard always asked for a slice of their Dutch apple pie.

Every now and then, however, Dianne would leave the room to continue the conversation. Patti would tell Willard she was meeting Dianne for lunch.

I never made too much of an effort to eavesdrop but I could hear my wife alternating between gasps and giggles as Patti regaled her with her latest escapade. They would rendezvous at a local hotel which had a very trendy little café.

Today's story tells of another jealous woman who tries to ruin her best friend's marriage because she can.

As always, I remain a mere scribe and made no effort to verify the facts.

She hooked Willard on their first date and reeled him in by the third. Dianne and I represented the old guard at their nuptials.

Hey, how often does someone get a free trip to Vegas? We would get together with Patti and Willard a couple of times a month for dinner; he was soft spoken and his bride didn't give him a chance to say very much.

It didn't take her long to find a quiet mouse of a man whose father owned a chain of liquor stores.

If you do not like stories of temptation, human frailty, and redemption, please do not read this story. But, if you take solace that there are husbands and wives who fight dirty to save their marriages I bid thee read on.

I have received much encouragement and support after my first five stories.

A great friend is sitting next to you in the cell saying, "Damn, that was fun. She, on the other hand, wouldn't lift a perfectly manicured finger unless there was something in it for her. Before we met, Dianne and Patti were small time hell raisers but I made a respectable woman out of her.

Let's do it again." Bobby is a great friend and, yes, we have spent a night together in a jail cell..that a couple nights. The day I proposed I swore on all that is holy I would never cheat and demanded the same from her. I told her I would hold her to that because I'm very jealous of my things..bad things happen when someone tries to take them. She took an immediate disliking to him when he introduced his date.

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Unfortunately, this marked the beginning of a new chapter in our relationship, one in which my wife became very secretive; starting with a new password protected cell phone.

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